Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme

Outline and Rules

Discipline Ultra Long Distance Bicycle Stage Race
StartMoscow city centre, theatre square opposite Bolshoi Theatre
Total distance9100 km.
Accumulated altitude77 000 m.
Highest point1011 m.
Stages15 stages as in planning excel time schedule sheet

Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is the longest road bicycle stage race in the world, with stages length between 260 and 1400 km.
Mainly tarmac roads, mostly in good conditions, some parts in bad condition and some ongoing road works!

Wilderness, Ural, Siberia low lands, Siberian mountains, lake Baikal, Baikal mountains, crossing some of the longest rivers in the world, from the Volga in Europe and the Siberian rivers Ob, Yenisei and Angara, Selenga and the far east river Amur.

Passing the borders of all Kazakhstan, Mongolia and around 3000 km along the Chinese border!
Crossing 8 time zones!
Temperature differences of up to 40°C from lows in nights to highest during the day! Several climatic areas from continental climate to sub tropic in the Far East

  1. Bicycle definition and technology

    • Time trial bikes are not allowed!
    • Handlebar extension/Aero bars for Time Trial Races are permitted.
    • Disc brakes are allowed.
    • Cross bike tires (without spikes) are allowed (for bad parts with ongoing road construction)
  2. Using of handlebar extensions during riding in the bunch with more than 5 riders

    Strictly prohibited to use handlebar extension during riding in a bunch of more than 5 riders.
    Jury sanctions:
    1st offence – warning
    2nd – and more offences - time penalty + 20 finishing time per each offence

  3. Drafting/leading

    Drafting is allowed for all race participants categories.

  4. Who can participate?

    • Experienced proven Ultra-Cyclists
    • Finishers of following international Ultra-Cycling races:
      • Ex Professional cyclists
      • RAAM
      • Race Across Europe
      • Race Around Austria
      • Race Around Germany
      • Race Around Slovenia
      • Race Across France
      • Race Across Germany
      • Race Across Italy
      • Tortour Switzerland
      • Race Across the Alps
      • Glocknerman Austria
  5. Categories

    SOLO cyclists

  6. Registration procedure

    The organizing committee will choose among the applicants depending on references.

  7. Registration

    From October 1st, 2018 – October 31st, 2019
    Early bird registration until 1st of December 2019!

    Announcement of accepted participants on 1st of December 2019

  8. Time measurement

    Manual measurement will be done at 1 sec.
    Total time of all stages will be added and ranked.
    Each participant is responsible himself to cross finishing line on/with his bike for the measurement and initiate time taking.

    GPS tracking/control of every participant will be set as well.
    Live tracking can be followed via Internet and APP on iPhone and Android

  9. Evaluation of times

    • Daily evaluation – stage evaluation
    • Total aggregate
    • Stage results counting by adding to General Classification
  10. General Classification

    Major G.C. – riders covering whole distance.
    Minor G.C. – riders abandoning 1-2 times.
    *Order of riders in Minor G.C.:

    1. Riders, abandoned once.
    2. Riders, abandoned twice.
    3. Riders, abandoned three times disqualified from the race.
    *If two and more riders abandon during same stage highest ranking in stage classification get rider, who covered longest distance at current stage.

  11. Stage categories and rates

    Short (1 day) – 6 stages – rate 1
    Medium (1 day, 1 night) – 7 stages – rate 1,5
    Long (2 days/2 nights) – 2 stages – rate 2

  12. Time calculation for stage abandoned riders

    Km remaining to stage finish divide into average speed according General Classification after previous stage and increase by stage grade. Add this time to time from the start of the stage to abandoning.

  13. Finishing time limits/minimum speed

    See stage plan for minimum recovery time at each stage required!

    Depending on weather conditions or other circumstances the race management can change the time limits and adjust or change time of next start.

  14. GPS Tracking

    The race will be tracked with GPS technology. The GPS sender needs to be switched on and needs be functional at all time. In case of non-functioning the race management center needs to be informed. In case the GPS tracker is in the pace car, this must be present at the time stations.

  15. Order of following cars

    Support cars will be in order of ranking.
    Order of following teams supporting cars during current stage will be determined according this No, if riders riding in same bunch.
    № 1 and 2 in the race car’s order are race jury and doctor’s cars.
    Order of teams supporting cars for stage 1 determined by race jury by drawing lots.
    The order of the cars can be adjusted during the race to optimize support.

  16. Starter package

    • GPS tracker
    • Stage and route plan
    • Stage profiles
    • Telephone list
    • Radio system
    • RBTSE T-Shirt or other start present
    • Download Code of route and profile for bike computer
  17. Start procedure

    Bikers must be at start point minimum 30 min. prior start
    Starts will be in city centres and will be neutral/in bulk Rising of green flag and whistle means race start.

  18. On the route

    • Riders have to use right lane
    • Support from support car only from right side of the car (left side of rider)
    • Riders may only leave route when driving to sleeping places or in emergency cases
    • The rider may not be pushed and held by persons from driving car or by the car (exception: short start push of rider at a restart after break or medical assistance from race Doctor’s or Mechanic driving car)
    • In case of two or more riders driving together, the support cars need to keep a distance to the group (2 riders considering as a group). All other cars need to drive with minimum 100 m distance to allow other cars to overtake without danger. Traffic jams have to be avoided. All following support cars need to keep 100 m distance from car in front.
    • Riders must not drive behind a car and benefit from wind shadow (drafting).
    • Riders may not slipstream behind their supporting car, nor any other car.
    • Teams supporting cars must always follow their riders. The rider must never stay alone!
    • When driving in bunch, 1st car is the car of the race leader. Any way support cars may change positions to support bikers.
    • Wearing of helmet is obligatory. Chinstrap has to be closed at any time and may only be opened, when standing.
    • In case of danger, the race may be finished or interrupted by the race manager officials at any time.
  19. Qualifying period/time of competitive restriction

    Main importance for fixing time limits is the recovery time before the next stage starts. If rider misses 3 times the time limits he disqualifies.
    Please see the stage plan/time limits to understand also the minimum average speed needed to stay within the race and guarantee minimum rest/recovery time.
    The race management will fix the finishing time limit for each stage; these may vary during the race depending on weather conditions, road surface conditions or other unpredictable circumstances.
    The race management will adjust the start times of the next stage, if circumstances require it. Usually this will be as planned in the timetable. Any way the race management may arrange changes.
    To guarantee that as many as possible riders reach the finish line in Vladivostok, penalty time will be calculated for kilometres not driven. For calculation of the penalty time the average km/h of the stage finisher is the basis. A participant, who got once a penalty time or did not complete a stage, cannot become the overall GC winner or class GC winner.
    After 3 times interruption of stages or 3 times finished out of time limit, rider disqualifies. When a biker is disqualified at any stage before Irkutsk he/she has to drop out of the race and take a flight home from the next city!
    Bikers being disqualified after Irkutsk may stay in the group until Vladivostok! Disqualified bikers are not allowed to bike in the race! They may drive in the car and accompany the race, but are not permitted to bike! In case they want to drive ahead to stay in a hotel, they need to cover the costs of the hotel for all their team including drivers!

  20. Marshalls/Race drivers

    Marshalls/race drivers must check/control the race and suggest report about all penalties to the race jury.

  21. Jury

    The jury consist of sport director, event director and head judge.

  22. Official race time

    The official race time measures the time from each stage place.
    Time zone is start time up to finish line.

  23. Penalties

    The race management centre, the jury, has the right to announce warnings, fees, time penalties and disqualifications.
    1 warning – no consequences
    2 warnings – time penalty fixed by the jury
    3 warnings – disqualification from the race.

    1. Reasons for warnings

      • Unfair behaviour towards other participants and all race participants
      • Riding without helmet even briefly - Start refused
      • Sheltering behind car
      • Small route cuttings
      • Not following orders of officials/police/administrations
      • Disregarding the minimum distance in between the teams (except when overtaking)
  24. Disqualification

    • Route cutting, manipulate race bike, major disregarding of officials.
    • Missing a checkpoint
    • Disregarding official/legal regulations (e.g.: music from pace car)
    • Consumption of alcohol by the athletes
    • Refusing of doping tests before, during or after the race.
    • Driving in car in order to avoid a race part to bike.
    • Holding on supporting cars or any other car (briefly/for a long time)
    • Refusing of a sleeping pause, when ordered by the race management centre.
    • Extreme bad behaviour of crew or driver towards other teams or traffic of high risk.
    • Mobbing or chivvying of other racers
    • Bad behaviour of negative influence to the overall race
    • Lack of declaration of indemnity of an athlete or supporter
    • Consumption of 2 warnings
    • Misuse of tracking instruments
  25. Escalation

    In case of exceptional and repeated behaviour, the organizer committee can order any team member to leave the group and take a flight back home at closest airport on the route.

  26. Protests

    Protests in oral form are possible.
    All decisions after protest in oral form, must be decided by race jury at stage finish in 15 min after last rider, cross finishing line.

  27. Prices

    • RBTSE trophy
    • Overall winner in categories – Solo men and women
  28. Official route

    Each biker must follow the instructions of the official RBTSE route book. The route descriptions and maps count for the official documentation of the route. In case of doubt map is valid prior the text.
    In case a participant, for whatever reason, misses the route, he may be brought back to the point he was leaving the route, in order to continue the correct road again on his own. In case there is no advantage of using another route, the biker may continue until he reaches the official route again.
    The route is available for download on following link
    Finish and start locations may vary during the race and will be announced on time before each stage.

  29. Unpredictable occasions/events

    In case of emergency, each team may use an alternative route, which supports the race. In case of emergencies, the team must return to the official route as soon as possible.
    In case the biker or the crew face an unpredictable situation (closed roads, extreme weather, road construction, danger, “redirections or detours”), the race management centre needs to be informed.
    In extreme situations, the race may be neutralized and restarted or accounted only to a specific point of the route. The race management may take specific parts of the route out of the total time taking, if this is necessary due to unpredictable extreme situations.
    In case the route has to be changed due to unpredictable situations, the period of rest may be adjusted. The period of rest calculates according the average speed.

    Traffic lights: cyclists need to follow without any exception all road rules. In case of red traffic light and in case of closed crossings of railways, cyclists must stop and wait for green traffic light and for opening of the rail crossing.

  30. Waste

    Waste disposal must never happen in nature. In case of waste disposal in nature money and time penalties are consequently given.
    Fee – time penalty

  31. Support/pace cars

    In case of stage races pace cars are not driving in groups behind the bikers. In case a biker is 2 minutes ahead of the rest of the bikers, his support car needs to close up. Decisions about pace cars to close up to the biker are taken by the race management and ordered by race radio. The race management also decides about the timing, when the cars are allowed to close up. The pace cars are driving in order as the start numbers of the bikers of group of 5 to 10 biker’s maximum.

  32. First aid

    The organizer will support with doctors during the race. Small injuries the support team of each biker will take care. Contacts to local hospitals, local first aid institutions and police are available in the road book.

  33. Cancellation of the event

    In case the event has is cancelled due to unpredictable reasons, the organizer may keep 25% of the registration fee.

  34. Total abortion of the event

    In case of total interruption due to unpredictable reason, of the race, the organizer will coordinate transportation of people and equipment back to Moscow. Registration fee will not be returned.

  35. A team gives up

    In case a team decides to give up and travel back home, the organizer will support for travel and transportation. Costs in any case are to be covered by the team.

  36. Change of route or route stages

    The organizer has the right to change the program. All official changes, news and messages will be available on The management team will announce changes and news at occasion of the team meeting prior the start and when handing over the starter packages. The final handover of the road book is the final definitive route.

  37. Service

    The organizer will provide a team of technicians also equipped with spare parts, 1 supporting neutral vehicle to support the bikers as backup. Each team has to take care of its own equipment. Bicycle shops are available on the route, but eventual purchasing of spare parts needs to be planned early enough before coming to the larger cities on the road.

  38. Conditions for participation

    1. Every biker exceeding age of 22 may participate
    2. By payment of the all-inclusive package, each starter accepts the general conditions and rules for participation.
    3. The organizing committee may at any time accept or not accept registrations to the competition, in case it may be of negative influence to the overall success of the event. Registrations of members of international or national associations, who are blocked because of doping, can be refused to participate.
    4. Medical check prior the race is obligatory.
  39. Important notice

    Road traffic regulations must be followed without exceptions at in all cases and along the entire route.
    Each participant starts at own risk.
    The organizer does not take any liabilities before, during or after the race, neither for accidents of own fault or through third parties.
    Orders of executives and members of the management team have to be followed and at all times in all situations.
    Participants, who are undisciplined and who disregard the rules may be taken out of the race and their result may be not considered in the overall total result.
    The organizer is not liable for eventual damages on bike tires or tires of the support busses.

  40. Cancellation

    If a participant has to cancel for whatever reason, he has no right to request a refund of his participation fee. We recommend the conclusion of an annulation insurance. In this case the registration fee and the deposit for the “chip” can be returned in the way of a voucher. Please be aware that in case of cancellation the conditions can be read and understood in the conditions of the insurance.
    If the cancellation is done before February 1st, 2020, the registration fee will be refunded.

  41. Change of rules and regulations

    The race management may at any time change rules and regulations, if the situation requires it for whatever security reason. This exception is also valid, if a racer finds a lack or a mistake in the rules.

  42. Sponsors

    The race management may request, that the name and logo of a sponsor have to be placed on the cars of the participant. Names or logos of tobacco products, alcohol, energy drinks and soft drinks must not be placed on clothes, equipment or cars of the participants. The race management has the right to request to cover names or logos of sponsors, in case they are not adequate. This may also happen during the race.

  43. Mobile phones and radio equipment

    Each team will have at least 1 local mobile phone provided by the organizer, which are always available and reachable during the race. Only rider’s crew may use mobile phone during racing.
    To cover eventual lack of mobile phone availability, radio equipment (car to car) will be provided.

  44. Electricity

    Russia is using European 220 V standard electricity. In most hotels, the use of standard European plugs is possible.
    12 V chargers in the support cars: each car has several 12 V chargers in the car. It has to be taken care that not too many devices are connected for charging to avoid blowing of the fuses. Costs for replacement of fuses have to be covered by the team.

  45. Obligation to inform

    The crew/team must inform the race management immediately in following situations and at following occasions

    • Change of supporters, change of crew members, if they were not known at start
    • Closed roads, accidents, danger or any other sort of special occasions/events/situations
    • Change of pace car
    • Not functioning GPS track, early finishing of the race
    • In case of accidents, these must be reported to the race management!
      The race management takes care of informing the local police.
  46. Liabilities, legal process

    The participation at Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is at own risk and own responsibility. The organizer does not take any liability of any kind of damages of persons or damages or losses of property. Participants may not claim any liability towards the organizer whatsoever. Liability insurance is subject and responsibility of each participant. By registering to the Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme each participant accepts the exclusion of any liability, which liberates the organizer and his supporting personal of any liability, as far as this is legally possible and according legal requirements.

  47. Award ceremony

    The winner/award ceremony will be organized after the race. Time and place will be announced at the finish location. All finishers have to participate at the award ceremony.

  48. Closing statement

    Mistakes, also against the rules may happen and are human.
    Knowingly cheating is different!
    Fairness at every occasion and vis à vis other participants, crew members and officials is a major principal rule.
    The Red Bull Trans-Siberian Extreme is a high-class sports event, in which adventure and experience should be as important as the victory.
    The sport approach and fairness, team spirit, the fair treating of each other, the own responsibility are major principles of this unique RBTSE sports event.
    All rules and regulations are clearly defined and are available to all participants and crewmembers.

  49. Film and Photo material

    Teams are free to take photo and video during the race and place it in SNS and other sources. Own media teams are not allowed. Red Bull provides 5 teams on the race and will provide all sport teams with video materials from race.
    Red Bull has all rights for all photos and videos from race and will provide all participants with all photo and video materials created during this race (except commercial formats). Material will be placed on
    Before the start of the race, we will organize a training for all participants and teams regarding photos, videos, rights, placing posts etc.

  50. General principle

    Rules & Regulations are subject to change within project preparation. A final version will be provided together with the final contract for participant’s prior the start.